Foong Lu (Deceased)

Dwarf Mage, former servant of Thay Industries




Foong Lu is the street name for an arrogant wizard who has recently arrived in Waterdeep with a couple of friends . . .

The korobokuru Mitsu Yoshi always loved the intricacies of magic and metahuman physiology. He grew up in a middle-class home on the fringes of the corporate world and, besides some metahuman bias, his childhood was generally happy.

In his youth Yoshi made a name for himself as a semi-professional combat mage. He still follows several Magical Combat Leagues operating throughout the world of Faerun and his old rookie trading card is the background on his commlink.

At university Mitsu studied medicine, cybertechnology and hermetic magic. His Doctorate of Thaumaturgy was earned in the, then theoretical, field of Cybermancy.

At the end of his studies Mitsu Yoshi found work in a small laboratory specialising in the diagnosis of esoteric illnesses using medicine and magic. His boss, Usagi Shiro was a psychiatric mage who worked with those suffering cybertechnological disorders such as cyberpsychosis and temporal lobe epilepsy with complications (TLE-x).

With no bedside manner to speak of, Mitsu was not involved directly in this work but his aura reading and diagnostic skills were in high demand. Yoshi also consulted to a range of hospitals throughout Kara-Tur. After a few years, Yoshi married and had a couple of kids. With an interesting job and a comfortable life, he was happy for a time.

Then things started to change. Mitsu was approached by several corporate parties interested in his old Th.D. thesis. There were rumours that there had been a breakthrough in cybermancy. Within a few weeks Usagi Shiro was bought out with an “offer he couldn’t refuse” and the laboratory was relocated to a nearby Thay Industries compound.

Shiro and Yoshi’s families were forcibly moved to distant Thay Arcologies “for their protection”. Mitsu and Shiro had no choice but to work for several years beneath the compound on a range of nightmarish projects that gradually ate away at their souls. The only things that kept Yoshi going was the need to keep his family safe, and the company of his friend.

Things changed when Shiro learned from his wife that Yoshi’s family had died in a toxic leak that wiped out a quarter of their arcology. Keeping this knowledge secret, Yoshi and Shiro came up with a plan to fake their own deaths and destroy the lab with the help of a ghoul and troll they could trust.

Then came the hard part – finding a way to free Shiro’s family from the Arcology in some distant place called Waterdeep . . .

Foong Lu (Deceased)

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