Moon Elf Crusader in service to Sehanine Moonbow


This handsome moon elf is impeccably dressed all in white and has a solidly built mithral right cyberarm that he polishes daily. He will often add a skip, twirl or other dance step as he walks around town giving fresh flowers and a smile to passersby.

Around town he is known as Viva Argentum, a freelance reporter always looking for the next story. Watchful observers may notice a a holster in his suit that carries an Ares Crusader machine pistol – just in case he gets a little too close to someone who doesn’t like him nosing around.

Moonface adapts quickly to problems and generally has an aura of awesomeness, which is assisted by tailored pheromones. He is genuinely interested in the lives of the people he meets but sometimes he comes across as a little too enthusiastic.


This moon elf was born with a withered right arm and anonymously abandoned at a Church of Sehanine Moonbow. The boy was taken to a Church orphanage on the outskirts of Waterdeep and given the name Tarellan Silverleaf.

Tarellan was eventually provided with a cyberarm but, as he grew up, it needed to be replaced several times. Seeing the care with which the Church cybersurgeons looked after him, Silverleaf felt the call to become a doctor himself, but in his youth he acknowledged that he wasn’t even close to smart enough.

There were other frustrations with the Church life and Tarellan ran away to the city several times, sometimes for months at a time. He survived by pickpocketing and begging.

His best friend at the orphanage was Avunel Silverleaf, another crippled child. She was smart enough to become a doctor and now serves the Church as Sister Avunel.

Silverleaf was a gentle soul, with a passion for the elven arts, especially flower arranging, but he also developed a fanatical faith in Sehanine Moonbow. Once he was old enough, Tarellan volunteered to serve in the Myth Drannor Defence Force (MDDF). As an infantry soldier, he learned to kill Undead, Drow and other vermin.

Silverleaf showed an instinctive ability to apply small unit tactics and inspired great courage in other troops. Still not very bright, he served with distinction for several years, but never rose above the rank of Corporal.

He eventually came to the attention of the Knights of the Seven Sacred Mysteries, a militaristic order in service to Sehanine Moonbow. Tarellan was discharged from the MDDF and introduced to the first mystery. He remained friends with a half-elf MDDF Quartermaster named Dieter Stoffman who has helped Tarellan with customised gear in his spare time.

On one of his missions against the Drow, Tarellan was dropped into a gelatinous cube and only rescued at the last moment when much of his flesh had already been eaten away.

Silverleaf spent several months recuperating in a healing vat and remained in a coma for much of that time. Rather than rejoin his squad of Knights, Tarellan remained at the Waterdeep Temple. There he started helping the Church in their negotiations with suppliers and other parties. He also developed a relationship with “The Narwhale”, a fixer with sympathies for the Church.

Tarellan is no longer on active duty with the Knights and is working as a shadowrunner with the goal of defeating nefarious schemes in Waterdeep.


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