Raphael Bell-Shrodinger

Ork Mercenary


Raphael is an Ork, and as such has a physique that most humans can only get with dedicated effort or substance abuse, but 2 decades of minimal living have left him in relatively poor health for his metatype. Likewise, his education left a lot to be desired. Even so, he has the lightning quickness of an urchin and a surprising natural mental instinctiveness and charisma (for an ork). He also possesses military grade fire arms skills.


Born in Luksan, Raphael was abandoned at birth – dumped as a new born ork in the garbage at a state orphanarium. Ork lungs drew the attention of the carers there, and his childhood was spent under their guidance. As was the custom at the time, he was given names chosen from those of great scientists, philosophers, artists and inventors, and registered with a state SIN. And thus Raphael Bell-Schrodinger came to be.

When he was eight, Raphael was sent to a military boarding school, and at 12 he was drafted into national military service. At the age of 15 he was considered no longer a ward of the state, and was discharged from the military ‘to become his own man’.

At the age of 16, Raphael awoke to his magical talent. At the time he was doing odd jobs at a shrine to Chan Cheng, the Kara-Turan god of War, Martial Arts, Combat, and Bravery. His awakening was noticed by the venerable master there, a foreigner and magus – who took it upon himself to train Raphael to harness and master his talents inwards.

Said master was slain when an elven syndicate decided they would not tolerate foreigners and their religions. Raphael was forced to flee that city, and made his way to Waterdeep

Raphael continued to work odd jobs, barely keeping things together. Finally, after 10 years since ‘becoming his own man’, Raphael has had to turn to the Shadows in the hopes of hitting that big score and turning his life around.

Raphael Bell-Shrodinger

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