Tethost Darants


Tethost stand just under two meters in height, he has a


At a young age Tethost knew that he was different than others, the WW and technology seemed natural to him. By eight he had realised that he could do things that most people needed an interface or even a deck for.
On his tenth birthday the Clerics of Waukeen came for him, payed his parents erased his SIN and took him to the high temple in Waterdeep. For the next ten years Tethost was taught to harness his abilities, his time was spent either sleeping, eating or in hot-sim.
On his twentieth birthday, Tethost walked from the temple as an acolyte of Waukeen. All clerics of Waukeen only have one objective grow the reach of the world weave. Tethost is going to praise Waukeen by bringing the legendary/revered shadowrunners(does that make Shar the patron Goddess of runners) in to the fold. As of now Shadowrunners use credsticks for payment to limit others ability to track them, Tethost goal is to make a resonance weave for runners’ transactions.
Tethost’s training consisted of almost complete submersion in the weave day in and day out, since leaving the temple Tethost has realised that not everybody spends upwards of sixteen hours a day in hot-sim, the world is a strange place. This constant contact with the world weave has left Tethost with a dependency on the weave, at the moment he is coping but only time will be able to tell if there has been effects on his mental health. Another side effect of his training is Tethost complete inability to function in the natural world, place him in a forest or even a park and he becomes completely lost in a matter of moments, don’t even think about asking him to help put up a tent.
Tethost has been living out of the temple for six months, he has taken on a few little jobs, data grabs, altering vid feeds etc. He has struck up a friendship with (insert someone’s character’s name here) during his time on the street and they are both on the lookout for others to form a shadow running team with.

Tethost Darants

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