Faerun 2077DR

The Nox Watch Run

The team meet up with Wildpipes, the long lost friend they never knew they had. Meanwhile, Eladar has set up another run, and this one comes with a back-up plan. A Johnson in Downtown needs a warehouse watched over for 48 hours while the Scarlet Scourge have their annual Great Ride, which is often accompanied by looting and pillaging. Eladar figures that if he was legit, he’d just hire regular security rather than shadowrunners, so as the back-up plan, he wants the team to identify what it is they’re protecting, so they can leverage Mr Johnson if things go south and he refuses to pay.

The team quickly identify the warehouse as a lab for making Nox, a grey-green powdered drug distilled from the residuum of a Noxious Fumes spell. Several possible threats appear, including a repair drone (innocent, electrocuted itself), a pimp (insulted and attacked the ghoul, regretted it after being sent to hospital), a druggie (took an enforced nap and went to the same hospital), the Scarlet Scourge themselves (just here to remind the tattoo parlour next door to fix their electrics) and eventually a small contingent of the Triple C.

The last group attempt to run down Raphael and Moss as they stand waiting for the tattoo shop owner to leave so they can stare at him and get paid a bonus by the Scourge. Moss goes through the windscreen of a van and gets shot up a bit (the scum brought incendiary bullets). The CCC lob firebombs at the local brothel, before being gunned down/torn up by the team. Raphael organises the evacuation of the brothel, earning the team another small bonus as well as ease of clean-up: the licensed security guys there agree that there was only one van, not two, and they were responsible for the four unconscious guys remaining.

The Blue Folder Run

The team are contacted by Eladar, a new fixer in town, and offered a job. Nothing fancy, just a little B&E at the Qudra Reclamation Services building, 47 Sunsoul Street. The target is a blue folder left on a desk on the first floor, left wing, which is rented to Scanright Imaging Services.

After a little legwork, the team disguise themselves as the cleaning crew to infiltrate the building, only to discover more security than expected, and that the cleaning company has apparently been told they aren’t needed tonight. They leave and try a stealth insertion into the second floor, which goes badly after a spirit finds itself forced to open a window by the only means available to it: brute force. Firefights ensue, with most of the security team gutted by the team’s troll and ghoul shock duo, while Raphael manages to snag the folder and escape.

Foong Lu can sense a mana barrier beneath the carpark basement, however, and, given the lack of security, suggests an investigation. Two more security guards later, they find some excavation equipment, a shard of crystal, and some wood. The latter two items are strongly enchanted, though it is difficult to tell what with.

The downside, of course, was that the folder was empty, and the Johnson never turned up to pay them. Eladar apologised for his lack of screening, and set about hunting the Johnson down.

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