Thay Industries

AAA Corp, Rank 8

One of the oldest corporations, the organisation behind Thay Industries, known as the Red Wizards, has existed since well before the Wailing Century. Indeed, despite the name “Wizard”, they may owe their present existence to the sudden severing of magic. In the mid-1300s, the lich Szass Tam forced the Wizards from their homeland of Thay. They took shelter in the merchant enclaves they had established in various nations. When the Wailing Century struck, they found themselves without magic, but also realised that Szass Tam would be in a similar situation. Indeed, on their return to their homeland, they found Szass Tam unable to even move his undead body without the inherent magic that sustained it. They quickly established the New Thayan Order (later renamed Thay Industries) as the new ruling class, dominating through mercantile might where before they used arcane might. Their concept of a “Thayan Enclave” being a part of Thayan soil was part of the driving force behind the megacorporations gaining extraterritorial status in the 20th century. The return of magic half a century ago left them stumbling a little as they struggled to reintegrate magic with their paradigm, but it was a challenge they have adapted well to.

The distinction between Thay Industries and the nation of Thay itself is blurry: the nation passes laws that benefit the corporation, while the corporation acts to defend both its own interests and that of the nation. Thay Industries is uncompromising with its foes, an attitude that saw it climb to the second most powerful corporation in the world in the 2050’s. They put their backing behind Oghma in the divine fight for control over scrynet that resulted in the Crash of ‘64; the subsequent formation of the World Wide Weave, and Waukeen’s unopposed domination of the Weave, saw them lose substantial face, dropping to Rank 7. Recent attacks on their operations, along with the apparent assassination of their CEO, Delghul Asmeddai, saw them drop further to Rank 8.

Activity within the United Sword Coast States is managed through their subsidiary Thay West out of Highgate district in Waterdeep.

Primary focuses for Thay Industries are weapons, finance, biotechnology and thaumaturgy. Notable subsidiaries include Thay West, Red Arms, Zulkir Transnational, and Lenari Labs.

Thay Industries

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