An arcane mystery, wrapped in carbon-fibre and living steel




At first glance, most mistake Shem for a full-conversion cyborg – armoured and wielding sword and shield. He is, however, something both more and less – a golem.
Constructed from a wide variety of materials – ranging from high tech to magical – and powered by the combusiton of food and drink laced with alchemical reagants, he stands exactly 6 feet high and weighs well over 200 pounds. The fine scale-like pattern that covers his armoured body is, on close inspection, composed of interlocking sigils.
Legally, a golem would be a construct and thus the property of the person or corporation who constructed it. Shem, however, acknowledges no such propriety and no known corporation has revealed the wherewithal to construct a genuinely sentient golem – much less a magically awakened one capable of spellcasting in addition to his inherently magical traits.
The only clue to his origin is the maker’s mark stamped on his upper left arm – U.M.I..
If Shem knows any more than that, he isn’t sharing.


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