Wildpipe [Identifying … Searching…………..] Saradac Brownbottle
Age: 28
Height: 3’2’’
Weight: 32 lbs, Current: Unknown
Eye colour: Natural: Blue, Current: Unknown
Nationality: United Luiren Families
Race: Halfling


Saradac has been in the transport/smuggling business for over twenty years, he was raised on the back of hover-barges by the many members of his family. The freedom of the road showed him many of the wonders of the world, but it also exposed him to the other darker, grimmer side of the Toril.
It is known the world over that the dark is the time for mischief and mayhem and it was in the darkness were Saradac thrived, by sixteen there was no high that he had not tried, no underground dive he had not been snuck in to by his older cousins. It was during this time that Saradac stared his obsession with ware, during your seventeenth year all citizens of ULF must undergo an aptitude test where a score of at least 85 is needed to become a traveller and be afforded the right to cross ULF’s boarders at whim. The only way Saradac could ever make up for his lack of effort was to cheat and install a skilljack. Next came skillwire, then wired reflexes. Hell everyone has to admit the ware leaves more time for mischief and mayhem.
The next 12 years of his life saw him travel the world in various roles on Halfling barges, his skilljack and wires made him an assist to most situations. His favourite role has barge guard, all of Saradac’s favourite toys have been liberated from highwaymen.
Just when Saradac was starting to become disillusioned with a life on the road. The most amazing thing happened, it was truly as if it was lifted out of a joke book, a ghoul, troll and dwarf walked into a bar. A night of drunken drugged hilarity ensued, while reviewing the footage of the night a few days later Saradac saw that he had promised to meet them in Waterdeep and join them in becoming the best runners in the Deep. With this opportunity/excuse Saradac sold his shares in the family barges kitted himself out and headed off to meet with three guys he had met once.


Codeblock (Matrix Search): Saradac has clicked yes to all add-ons that sound fun, constantly steamed porn and lets any site he visits change his settings

National Sin (ULF): Saradac sends 5% of his income back to the ULF, with the less then legal way most travellers make their fortune the ULF accepts payment in any monetary form.

Weak immune system: Caused by cyberware


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