District of Waterdeep

Situated on the banks of the the Shining River, Daggerford maintains a independent streak. Though the sprawls of Aurimond and Silverhand have since technically connected it to the rest of metropolitan Waterdeep, there remains enough of a distinct feel to the district to call it it’s own town. Tourist brochures sometimes refer to Daggerford as the “Gateway to the Western Heartlands”. It is also the site for the Fort Tyndal Naval Base.

The Trade Highway departs Waterdeep at Daggerford before heading south to Baldur’s Gate, while the Waterdeep Bypass connects Daggerford and Goldenfields via rural land for traffic heading between Mirabar and Baldur’s Gate that wishes to avoid the snarls of Waterdeep’s metropolitan traffic.

Borders Silverhand to the west, and Aurimond to the north-west.


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