Knights of the Seven Sacred Mysteries

The Knights of the Seven Sacred Mysteries are well known for their service in defence of elven homelands from N’Tel’Quess invaders as well as their ongoing efforts to retrieve tomes of long-lost elvish lore and items of elven artistry from the ruins of fallen realms.

The order is composed of elves and a few half-elves, most of whom are of moon elven or gold elven ancestry, and it includes many crusaders, as well as a handful of clerics, fighters, and rangers, in its ranks.

The order’s entrance requirements are kept secret from nonmembers, but it is generally known that there are seven tiers in the order’s hierarchy and that it can take a century or more of faithful service to Sehanine before the next mystery is revealed.

Knights of the First Mystery are the lowest ranking members of the order, while Knights of the Seventh Mystery are some of the most powerful agents of Sehanine in the Realms. No half-elf has ever risen higher than the rank of Knight of the Fourth Mystery, but it is not known if that fact indicates the difficulty of ascending the order’s rarefied ranks and the small representation of halfelves in the order or if it is a manifestation of a bias against those who have some degree of N’Tel’Quess ancestry.

The order’s preeminent chapter houses are found in the city of Ruith on Evermeet, the Vale of Evereska, and amidst the Tangled Trees settlement of the Elven Woods.

Knights of the Seven Sacred Mysteries

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