Naerhand International

AAA Corp, Rank 9

For almost a hundred years, Naerhand International has been locked in a cold war of petty rivalry with its fellow Amnian megacorp, Ironseth Incorporated. The two could have risen to higher status, if it weren’t for the constant drain on their coffers in the attempt to outdo the other.

Naerhand’s ambitions in Waterdeep are currently centred around the construction of Skyhome Arcology in Downtown, built in direct competition to Ironseth’s own Fidelity Arcology, situated less than two kilometres away. The International Corporate Court was forced to intervene in 2074, when it became apparent that both corporations were intending to build direct-fire, non-defensive weapons into the structures capable of firing upon the opposing corporation.

Naerhan International’s focuses are on small arms, energy generation, entertainment, and real estate. Notable subsidiaries include Pelrar Automatics, Beholder Security, Helcaliant Solar, and BRM Studios.

Naerhand International

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