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{{Heads up, Waterdeep ATC are reporting an air crash over the Long Road. Poss related to earlier CATZ bombings.}} - Crosshatch

{{Anyone got confirmation?}} - WockitWolf

{{Yeah, look east, see the smoke. Damn.}} - AkiGhost

{{Could be the Tigersharks go-gang? Perhaps someone buzzed them and got put down?}} - vStriker

{{An aircraft downed by a go-gang? I know the Tigersharks are big, but I don't think they're SAM carrying big.}} - BEAGLE

{{ATC are identifying it as ZTN-552, a private Zulkir Transnational flight. Zulkir being a Thay sub. I'm liking this CATZ connection.}} - Crosshatch

{{You know why they're called CATZ? Cause they're a bunch of pussies. I'm calling coincidence.}} - WockitWolf

{{Paying 1.0c for information on the make of aircraft}} - Smokestack

{{I'll take that, Smoke, gimme a sec}} - Crosshatch

{{Wait, according to air traffic ZTN-552 departed the Thay arco 20 minutes after the limos Asmeddai was supposedly travelling in. Didn't Arthex have a convoy heading east too?}} - Grim666

{{Oh, Myst, you're right. And out along the Long Road, too. A remote meeting?}} - BEAGLE

{{For those paying attention, Grandma's Barnyard is chaos. Go to ground.}} - Derelict

{{WTF? Is that code for something, D?}} - Crosshatch

{{Did someone just geek the CEO of an AAA? To that person/people, I admire your balls, and it was nice not knowing you.}} - WockitWolf

Topic: Aircraft Down Over the Long Road

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