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{{lol. Amatuers}} - saintsword

WATERDEEP - Black Flame Security bodyguards have thwarted an attempted kidnapping of Irael Tsambrae, the daughter of Tsambrae Technologies CEO Danim Tsambrae.

Four individuals attacked the armoured limo Ms Tsambrae was travelling in as it passed through Goldenfields. The driver, whose name has been suppressed until his family are contacted, is believed to have been killed in the opening exchange of gunfire. The car subsequently came to rest in the lobby of a hotel.

Black Flame personnel assigned to protect Ms Tsambrae acted quickly to return fire and get her to safety. Two of their own were injured before the assailants, believed to be a shadowrunning team, were driven off. One of the attackers was killed at the scene and has been tentatively identified as Simple Snowflake, the dwarf samurai.

A spokesman for Tsambrae Technologies has downplayed the threat, stating that they have “full faith in Black Flame Security’s experience in these mundane scenarios”. Ms Tsambrae is believed to be continuing with her summer retreat. (Amarillis)}} - saintsword

{{Bit of respect, saintsword. Snowflake was a good kid.}} - Grim666

{{Good would mean that he didn’t end up dead to rent-a-cops}} - saintsword

{{That’s the way the dice roll sometimes, saint. Sometimes the drek hits the fan no matter how good you are.}} - Derelict

{{What’s the deal with Irael Tsambrae, anyway? Any idea why they’d want to kidnap her?}} - Anchorman

{{Let’s see… how about money, dumbass?}} - WockitWolf

{{Ransom’s a possibility, but there’s better ways to make cash than hiring shadowrunners and throwing them at bodyguards, even if the target is rich. I’m not buying it being purely about the money.}} - AkiGhost

{{Extorting paydata, maybe? Tsambrae Tech might have some prototype they’ve developed that someone wants info on. I’ll admit that there are better ways to do it, but if all you have is a hammer...}} - Fine_Needlework

{{Hey, Grim, didn’t Snowflake do some work for you? Got any insight?}} - AkiGhost

{{I didn’t fix the run, if that’s what you mean.}} - Grim666

{{I think I know. Irael Tsambrae is the many-times-great-grand-daughter of Elminster, and is destined to become the new Chosen of Mystra, who will make her glorious return next Shieldmeet. The forces of Shar are trying to kill her before she reaches her full power.}} - TheTruth

{{Aren’t the Tsambraes drow? How could she be related to Elminster?}} - Anchorman

{{Half-drow. Still a stupid theory. Mystra’s not coming back.}} - WockitWolf

{{The usual motives for abducting someone these days are for what they know or what they are. Considering she hasn’t graduated high school yet, I wouldn’t think Irael has much in the way of expert knowledge, but she could have personal knowledge like building layouts. Her biometric data could also be used to exploit security loopholes. Just guessing, though.}} - Derelict

Topic: Tsambrae Kidnapping

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