Ironseth Incorporated

AAA Corp, Rank 7

Where most of the other big corps have a mercantile background, Ironseth’s is decidedly militaristic, even if mercenary. In the late 1700s, Ironseth even annexed the islands of Oman and Moray in the Moonshae Isles, before both were claimed by the Amnian crown as protectorates in 1894. Declining fortunes following the end of the Second Faerun War in 1947 reduced their power further, leading to a rivalry towards the end of the century with fellow Amnian corporation Naerhand International. Ironseth has rallied and stabilised, but been unable to return to the dominance it used to know.

Within Waterdeep, Ironseth is centred around their Fidelity Arcology in Downtown, which officially finished construction 5 years ago. Since Naerhand began work on their own arcology within close proximity, Ironseth have armed the structure, only to be ordered by the International Corporate Court to remove the weapons or face sanctions.

Ironseth Inc’s primary focuses are on aerospace engineering, security, biotechnology, and consumer goods. Notable brands include Cloudcoach, Star Protective Services, Ceetag Restorative and Wheelarit Electric.

Ironseth Incorporated

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