World Wide Weave

A virtual reality overlaid on the world and experienced through electronic devices, either implanted, worn or carried. Additionally, it also forms the source of magic within the world. As a result, technomancers are able to leverage their magical abilities to directly access the World Wide Weave.


The current World Wide Weave, sometimes shortened to the WWWeave or the Dub3, has it’s roots in the mundane globenet established in the 1980s. Gond’s reforging of the links between the planes restored the ancient Weave, the source of all magical power. Though the exact causality is yet to be determined (and indeed modern scientists continue to study the interrelationship to this day), the Weave became overlaid on and bonded with the globenet, resulting in a meta-structure that held two distinct but interwoven conduits, one of electronic data, the other of magic.

Though the Weave was in some ways more stable bonded with the globenet than it had been before the Wailing Century, it was also exposed to vulnerabilities. In 2029, Shar, long hating the light that the Weave represented and apparently not having learned from the last time she destroyed it, caused the Great Crash, exploiting vulnerabilities in the globenet in the hope of tearing apart the Weave. Oghma and Waukeen, both of whom had vested interests in the globenet, stepped in to rebuild. Though the Weave was saved, much of the infrastructure of the globenet was destroyed.

Oghma and Waukeen created two co-existing formats in the wake of this: Scrynet and the World Wide Weave. Though the deities met to discuss their differences, as did mortal corporations, there came a second crash (the Crash of ’64), which, though not as devastating to physical infrastructure, effectively ended the use of Scrynet.

World Wide Weave

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